Tuesday, 3 August 2010

working on a new design

does she look a little parisienne?   i hadn't intended her to be parisienne but her stance and facial expression and slightly beret looking hat made it impossible to see her any other way

i'm not too sure about her foxy little dog!  although i do like the idea of a little dog, or maybe a cat...

i stitched her in a light grey, as a change to my usual black thread

this photo is a little faded, her dress is actually a stronger green and blue, i'm quite pleased with her black bob and i was happy with her stringy legs but then j said he thought her legs were too thin which put a seed of doubt into my mind and now i'm just not sure...what do you think?  perhaps i'll have to sew her with fatter legs as well and compare.


  1. I think they're cute thin but a comparison could be the way forward.
    Very parisienne!

  2. thankyou Gem, the more i look at them the more i like thin
    Kate x

  3. I think she is adorable!!! Very, very Parisienne!! Like her just the way she is...

  4. That is truly beautiful. love her to bits.