Wednesday, 11 August 2010

two new embroidery departures

i have made my first removable notebook cover (with a notebook inside to start you off) using one of my designs that was popular at the craft fair and I am pleased with the result (blowing my own trumpet perhaps!)  what's more, it's all hand sewn, so I can work on them when I'm accompanying children out and about (which is often) and I rather like the look of handstitching.

and this is a really new departure, drawing and sewing onto (gorgeous) Indian handmade paper that's made from recycled cotton rag. 

it's a little picture (it is little, i do like little).  i have just listed these two on folksy and will begin work on more...


  1. Really like both of these - I've already favourited the notebook cover.

    Sam x

  2. thankyou Sam, i have to admit they are more enjoyable than machine sewing