Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a folksy/etsy easter

just look what annis found in our garden

a pink fluffy bunny puff!!!  he (because apparently he is a he, despite all that pinkness) is utterly loved and the easter bunny who left him behind had been doing a little shopping on etsy at kitty pink stars where there are all kinds of glorious creatures

a gold rabbit provoked quite a lot of smiling too

and look!  Is that what I think it is!  A gorgeous zombie bunny bookmark from fiona t, so gorgeous we have had to order a second blue skulls one for middle boy

the boys did not want to be photographed in their pyjamas for my blog (I can't understand it) but they allowed their balaclaved bank robber eggs to be photographed instead (well one of them) they loved them and what's even better is that they are from folksy at TamaraJayne.

Ok, I know you're wondering, is that a shot glass that their eggs are sitting in?  In all the excitement of easter we didn't realise that we no longer have any egg cups, I don't know where they've gone but they are no longer in our house so we were madly running around in the early hours of Sunday seeing if boiled eggs would sit in espresso cups (they wouldn't) then Jason remembered my dad's old shot glasses... perfect and even a little bit retro.
Hope you all had a wonderful easter, with plenty of chocolate

Saturday, 23 April 2011

the inconsistant blogger!

It's true, once the sun shines we tend to drift  far away from the computer, forget to take the camera out with us, and forget to blog.  We have been enjoying the sun, I'm sure you all have too and we decided that this year we would bake our own hot cross buns

I've done it once before, a long time ago all alone but this year I had a little helper (who did most of the work).  We used the recipe from this book.  My copy has a few errors in it, half a pint of milk and water was translated as 125mls which is only a quarter of a pint.  Stupidly I suggested we go for half a pint and see if it worked!!  So we were adding extra flour!

but they tasted delicious and worked despite our messing with the recipe

MY knitted hat was finished and immediately stolen!  I love it though, it keeps my ears warm and feels very 1920's.  It was from this lovely book

and I have begun some very scruffy crocheting with some gorgeous gorgeous Manos del Uruguay wool classica.  I am sort of aiming at something like this but need more luscious yarn so a trip to St Ives is in order, once the holidays are over
Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and maybe getting a little crafting done too.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday walks

a bit of a longer break than I had intended, but life just takes over sometimes! 
Now the weather is more beautiful we have decided to do some proper walks.   We used to do these a lot when the children were smaller and we lived out of town but in recent years not so many so we have decided to revisit some of the beautiful places in West Penwith and do some lovely long walks with picnics.  We won't necessarily walk on Wednesdays but I think we'll post the walk on a Wednesday (it's the w w thing!) So without further ado here is walk number one, a walk from the merry maiden standing stones down to Lamorna cove along the coast to St Loy woods and back up through fields to the merry maidens, we think it's about six miles so not too far for someone who's been sitting sewing and drawing all winter!