Saturday, 28 August 2010


I absolutely love this time of year, when the blackberries are out and we can pick our own pudding for free!
how ridiculous that there isn't more fruit for free, we get elderflower and berries for wine and sloes for gin but really that's about it for West Cornwall.  Perhaps there is more in other parts of England, I hope so

it's not just the blackberries, everyone's up for going out for a walk and the insect life is so abundant that Teague gets to use the macro setting on his camera

to startling effect!  Now I know where all those science fiction creatures come from.

and crickets are happy to land on a pair of fuschia leggings, and stay there for quite some time

and we still have flowers.  In fact it almost feels like too much, a last burst before autumn.  Time to get our dusty nature diaries out again I think.


  1. Blackberries! Yay! Husband is chomping at the bit, but they weren't quite ready last week - so hopefully this weekend...?

    Love that last photo - the detail of the flower centre is wonderful :-)

  2. I go Blackberry picking with my 3 too...near the allotments, so we get to see the lovely Autumnal vegetables growing like Pumpkins. We make Apple and Blackberry crumble and serve it with a huge dollop of whipped cream. (-:

  3. My middle son takes most of the photos. The blackberries are only just ripe.

    I love crumble but we were lazy and made crowdie: double cream, oatmeal, honey and blackberries, the oats and blackberries are healthy but I think they're cancelled out by the amount of double cream!