Monday, 16 August 2010

this could be seen as a little showy offy but... rains in Cornwall such a lot that sometimes we're left wondering why we live here.  and then a day like this arrives, out of the blue

and we remember why.

this particular beach is our favourite, we used to live nearer to it, now we have to drive for half an hour and i can't remember the last time we went to it ... until today

we actually ummed and ahhed, we only had three hours (and there's a half hour walk down after the half hour drive), it's a long way...

but i'm soooo glad we made the effort (we stayed longer and were late back, but who wouldn't!)

and there was a seal (can you see him?!  he is there, honestly) and he swam with two surprised swimmers for half an hour, circling them and playing (seals are curious).

the path back is teeming with wildlife

and plants

and even the first blackberries.

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