Wednesday, 4 August 2010

broken laptop and a-team

i had intended to show some lovely summer in cornwall pics today but my laptop just won't turn on and all the photos are on there!!  so i've got some lovely stuff from folksy...

i just love this card from konnie kapow and it is the kind of card i need many times over during the year

i just love green at the moment, which is odd because i've never really been a big fan (bottle green school uniform) but this is not print from ialbert your uniform green, it's delicious and bicycles remind me of the Smiths

i'm a sucker for dragonflies, butterflies and moths and this dragon fly from whimsical wren is so gorgeous and those flowers remind me of fruit gums, yummy

i just love everything in sarah's shop  (have i mentioned this before?!) but this circus dog is just so perfect i love him to pieces


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Dragonfly necklace.
    Jennie x

  2. Thanks Kate for including Pip - he's had a lot of publicity over the last couple of days thanks to lovely people like you, and I am pleased to say that he will be going to a new home tomorrow (but don't cry peeps, I can always make another!). Sarah x