Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The excitement of the King Harry Ferry

It's really a floating bridge pulled across on a chain.  It crosses between Trelissick and the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall saving about 26 miles of driving, it is the King Harry Ferry.
You're only on it for about ten minutes but it's so beautiful, even on a grey day like this one

this is the ferry

and this is a strangely beached looking HUGE ship in the river, I have no idea why it is there or whether the high tide brings in enough water for it to leave.

I like to think that these are the ferrymen's cottages and not holiday cottages for a change

it's such a lovely ten minutes out of a busy day

Sunday, 1 May 2011

warm thoughts

what to do if you're 10 (or 43) and have just watched the scariest dr who ever before bed

take one warm thought, available here, and squeeze very very tight

and if you wake in the night from a 'silence' related nightmare then press his belly button

and if all else fails go through to your mum and dad's room (this only works if you're 10) with your warm thought so you and mum can hug him together

Is there anyone else out there who suspects that dr who isn't and never has been suitable for children (or nervous adults)?