Friday, 30 July 2010

little green girl

little green girl, originally uploaded by glassmountain.
this is my newest embroidery of a little girl in an appliqued green dress, I've embroidered the dress with little pink stitches. This embroidery is on a zip purse in my folksy shop.

a folksy friday

i saw these lovely teacup fridge magnets from The needle works while having a cup of tea this morning

this gorgeous beetly pendant is from kettle of fish

some pretty silver flowery earrings from alibali jewellery

a delicious heart from JAusten jewellery design

and i love this gorgeous owl mirror from gifts shack

just one more day of jesting to go.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


i was going to title this British museum, but my V&A are mixed in with my British Museum, such organisation!  Anyhow these are just a few (of so many) inspiring objects, i think this could be a few days of inspiration so i hope you are inspired too

there's something about the white semi circles that i love on this bird

he is just the cutest little thing i have ever seen, he reminds me of moomin characters

which makes him the second cutest!

and A and i just loved these babies they were sort of tied to her wrists a bit like mittens used to be threaded through your coat when you were little.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh how many miles we walked

i've always loved walking in cities, getting lost often means you find new things and so we walked and walked in London.  At the beginning there was energy, towards the end of ten days we flagged a little.

we saw familiar (but new to us) sights, the changing of the guard.  We love this picture, because the guards in grey seemed to have a different height requirement to the traditional guards in red.

we saw the familiar (even to us) but it was no less spectacular for being familiar

the children queued up to be photographed with the lions

T took unusual pictures of very familiar places

and we walked (the entire length?) the Thames

seeing incredible buildings casting amazing light into the river

and yes we visited (and revisited) Liberty's, which has to be my favourite shop in London (or is my favourite Pollock's toy shop?  i'm just not sure)

the stairs in Liberty's were only one of many many sets of stairs that we climbed (and reclimbed)

and we visited Hamleys, the children were not disappointed but i was.  In their desperation to sell sell sell the magic has disappeared

for anyone wanting a little toy magic i would definitely recommend Pollock's toy shop in Covent garden and their museum on Sala street (near Goodge st. station) which also has a shop

Now the familiar is done, tomorrow i will show the curiosities and inspiration we found in the museums

Sunday, 25 July 2010

some lovely folksy bits and bobs

Whew!  Back from a busy, interesting, stimulating, exhausting, exciting, did i mention exhausting ten days in London.  Lots of photos (i believe we topped one thousand!  They won't all go on my blog though).  So just for today i'm going to blog about the lovely july jesters on folksy and tomorrow (hopefully?) sort through the photos and write about London.

So here is some yummy stuff from folksy

i can't help myself, i love northfield primitives, and as soon as the children stop spending my money i will shop there.   This is today's lovely offering

i love this cute little dancing robot from accidentalvix

i seem to be going with cute today with this cute little mouse pincushion from madebylolly

and a cute glass snail sun catcher from diomo glass

and there we go, a cute july jesters blog today.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

we're going on a trip

we are all rather excited, because tomorrow we are doing a house swap for ten days

we are leaving the seaside behind us (rather topsy turvy for the time of year, i know)

i am particularly excited about this...

and this...

and absolutely this which we will hopefully be visiting on my birthday!!!

and so I will be back after our adventure

july jesters day 14!!!

Just some of the lovely yummy stuff  listed today on folksy

lemonade and lamingtons aiden crafts
paulaz jewelz pants and paper
miss bohemia pyro angel's sweet trinkets
just click on the pics to take you to the shops where these yummy things live
I could have listed so many more things but I can only do six at a time!  And I was going to include Sarah's lovely bag but she sold it before I could!


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

clogs,lost comments and lavender bags

the clogs have arrived!  Strictly speaking i am not supposed to see them until my birthday but i had to try them on, just to make sure.  And they are truly wonderful.  They fit like a glove but no pics of that because i have to wait until next week!
i'm afraid blogger is playing games with my comments, i tried to publish your lovely comments poppyart and Sam and it just took them away, it might bring them back but just so you know i didn't delete them!

i have been making lavender bags recently and when i went to sort through our bedlinen i noticed how damp it gets (we live in a very damp house) and that we have no lavender bags at all.  So i sat down to make some

using odds and ends of fabric.  but before i knew it i had little sewing helpers

speedy annis on the sewing machine

and thoughtful teague on the hand sewing

not to mention oldest boy accompanying us on the piano.

Now before you are overwhelmed by the perfection of our household i should say that all i could think was 'is this really our house?  No arguing, no shouting, no computers, no dvd's!  i must preserve this evening on my blog, just to remind myself it really did happen.  Even if the photos are a little dingy!

Monday, 12 July 2010

an embroidery pen disaster

I know it says test the embroidery pen first, and being no fool when it comes to markers I did, then I wiped it with a damp cloth and the mark disappeared, so off I went on my commissioned pieces...

what I did not notice was that as the fabric of my test piece dried out the blue returned, as if by magic (that would be black magic rather than white magic!)

so I wiped my embroidery and the blue disappeared only to keep reappearing and (for some strange reason) I decided to help the drying along by ironing it!  Yes, I know an iron is very likely to set it but I was getting a little panicked by now.  So I put the purses in the washing machine and wished and wished with all my might...

as they hung on the line I would rush out and check that the blue stains were not returning and finally...

the stains did not return!  That was how I spent my weekend, I hope yours was much less stressful.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

rabbit purse 1

rabbit purse 1, originally uploaded by glassmountain.
My July jesters listing for today

Lovely stuff from folksy

first up these gorgeous (and gorgeously photographed) beads from the little bead box

A beautiful ring from Anna Clifton jewellery

these lovely red funky earrings from squintessential

This lovely piece of wall art by pavlova

and this scrumptious bookmark by pyroangel's sweet trinkets

there is so much more gorgeous stuff on the july jesters list.