Monday, 31 January 2011

beach golf and a February plan

What else to do on a cold bright winter's day but play beach golf?

This may look like golf tuition but that well wrapped up adult in the picture hasn't got a clue

Requirements: one very large, very very empty beach.  We chose Mexico (because it has such a romantic name)

and icicles on the beach

and the bluest sky ever
but it was so very very very cold

a view of Godrevy lighthouse (well, just about)

more strange and wonderful rock formations

and the plan
For the month of February I will try (very hard) to put one photo on a day with just a sentence as a record of our home ed life.

Monday, 24 January 2011

The coloured cave

My blogging has been a little sparse recently, not least because we keep forgetting to take a camera out on these beautiful sunny but cold days.  So we have been out for walks in the cold and drinking lots of hot chocolate (on occasion laced with brandy)

This weekend we were lucky enough to be offered a guided walk to the coloured cave at Cape Cornwall.  I say walk it was actually a boulder clamber.  This was quite a feat as I am not known for my bouldering skills, but it was worth it when we saw the cave.

Unfortunately the camera didn't capture the subtler pinks further in but it is amazing.  The colours are simply from the minerals in the constantly dripping water

It really looked as though someone had painted the walls.  Well worth the clamber.  I hope you had a beautiful weekend too.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A challenge was set!

Karen from the most gorgeous Contemporary Embroidery was maybe, just a little, showing off her computer skills with her stand-alone page (which is rather beautiful) I left a little comment and was issued a challenge in the comments on this post.  So, never one to refuse a dare, I have done it, this morning, despite only about four hours sleep (or perhaps because of).  The only problem was I didn't actually think about what my stand alone page was going to be so after some thought rather than a blank stand alone page (which might just be construed as showing off for the sake of it) it is the beginnings of a gallery.  So thankyou Karen, without your help/push I might have forever gazed at the wonder of other people's stand-alone pages without ever attempting my own.  Of course, by the end of the week I may have ten stand-alone pages! 

I have also messed with my backgrounds, ending up with a simple grey as I don't really like the templates and at the moment am far too lazy to accept my son's offer of help to create my own.

Friday, 14 January 2011


I have been spending a lot of time posting things recently, (which is a good thing), so it was lovely to receive a parcel for myself today.  My partner bought me this beautiful locket for christmas (just after christmas really) when we saw the work of this wonderful artist on Etsy.  The name of her shop is LavennzOsy and I just love her whimsical illustrations, especially this one

The locket is made by Polarity and she makes lockets from other lovely illustrators too.  It is a recycled car part and has three interchangeable pictures

this one

and these two (the written one is a definition of the word cherish)

and I have been posting out my own parcel and letter (yes I did say letter, handwritten and all) to my sister in America

I had only intended to pop a quick note in but writing really is very enjoyable so she's getting a full three page letter, whether she wants it or not!!
I think I may take up letter writing and just maybe one of my relatives or friends will actually, eventually write back to me and I can get some more post

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

winter walking

A sort of new year's resolution, not set in stone or anything, was to walk more often because we have gotten out of the habit of walking.  We decided a grey, possibly rainy day was not a good enough excuse to stay indoors all day

Do we look cheery in the cold?  And look at all those other walkers with good intentions!  It's surprising how many people you bump into on January beach walks.  Maybe we're all starting to feel a little claustrophobic.

Well the children are always cheery once we get out, and always find something to do

jumping rivers is always fun

and we even managed to drag a teen out with us.  Now I'm glad we forced ourselves, because sometimes it really is a case of forcing ourselves it only takes one or two dissenters to weaken our resolve.  The last couple of days have been truly horrible weather but it's nice to use them to do some indoor things, maybe even some education!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

featured seller on folksy!!!

I am quite excited today, we returned from a beautiful walk yesterday from Land's end to Sennen (we forgot the camera of course!), I switched on my computer to find a message saying that I am one of folksy's featured sellers for the next fortnight!!  Here is the link.  I haven't been sewing for a week or so because I seem to have damaged my back but I will have to get back on with it now!

There are three other featured sellers


All making gorgeous stuff

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A White Christmas

We were so lucky
A white christmas
All because we went up to our families in Lincolnshire

Unlike the rest of our family, who had been suffering with the snow, we loved every minute of it

Christmas card scenes everywhere

Sparkles for christmas


Cousins together, sadly one was at home poorly but she got better in time for christmas dinner!
Family, snow, lovely food, gorgeous presents
What a beautiful christmas