Monday, 2 August 2010

a birthday party

i can't quite believe it but it's true, she's ten!  i shed a little tear at losing my last little one to double figures but you can't stay sad when she's so happy to be ten!

it began as a mad hatter's party but it was hot and it's difficult to do a three legged race in full costume, so costumes were abandonned and three legged races abounded, not to mention piggy back races and energetic forfeits!  i should mention that this was all held in the park because we only have a teensy tiny yard.  so i watched the weather nervously for three days leading up to the party but it held just long enough.

the party was the day before her birthday so all (my sister and neices are down for the celebrations) were a little droopy on the day.  but we did make a trip to the bumper cars, which they loved, and a ghost train, which made them scream (as it should!).

and though she had many lovely crafty presents, this is the one i'm most excited about, a clothkits doll and dress kit for her to make.  i will certainly be blogging the progress on that one.


  1. Happy Birthday to the new 10 year old. Sound like great fun :-)
    I have the first of those double figure birthdays coming up soon - how did that happen?

    Sam x

  2. I know, before you know it they're teenagers!