Thursday, 1 July 2010

July jesters

July jesters are a group of folksy folk who are attempting to upload a new item every day.  I have taken the plunge and joined them, beginning with my eye patch bunny.  Here are a few of the lovely items with links underneath...

I am a bit of a lover of all things vampire and this pendant from London Fogg is just gorgeous

A very different type of pendant fromwhimsical wren, in fact very whimsical and I think it's lovely

and finally, not pendants at all but gorgeous tags from swirly arts


  1. Welcome in to the mad bunch.
    Your bunny is cute and great choices from the Jesters

  2. Great choices and welcome to the listing club! I hope you have a great time, being an old hat at this, as I have been in since April, it is a great way to stock your shop, meet loads of Fabulous Folksy peeps and hopefully make some sales.

    Natalie x

  3. thankyou for your lovely welcome