Monday, 12 July 2010

an embroidery pen disaster

I know it says test the embroidery pen first, and being no fool when it comes to markers I did, then I wiped it with a damp cloth and the mark disappeared, so off I went on my commissioned pieces...

what I did not notice was that as the fabric of my test piece dried out the blue returned, as if by magic (that would be black magic rather than white magic!)

so I wiped my embroidery and the blue disappeared only to keep reappearing and (for some strange reason) I decided to help the drying along by ironing it!  Yes, I know an iron is very likely to set it but I was getting a little panicked by now.  So I put the purses in the washing machine and wished and wished with all my might...

as they hung on the line I would rush out and check that the blue stains were not returning and finally...

the stains did not return!  That was how I spent my weekend, I hope yours was much less stressful.


  1. these look lovely. and well done getting it sorted. i have just washed a moses basket cover I made to find it has shrunk a bit. serves me right for rushing! bridget

  2. Eek! Very stressful, but a happy ending.

    I love the way they look hanging on the line too :-)

  3. Oh no poor you poppyart, i know what you mean about rushing! i love them on the line too sam and it was a happy ending! thankyou.

    and your comments did come back!
    Kate x