Wednesday, 30 June 2010

what to do with all the strawberries

we knew it was about time to go strawberry picking, the hot weather had been putting us off.  So we set off for Trevaskis farm, a wonderful farm shop, restaurant and pick your own farm.  We went a little crazy with the strawberries

of course we tried to eat more than we picked but it just wasn't possible.  We even picked a few raspberries too (which were quite delicious).

there was even time for a lovely father daughter moment

when we got home there was only kitchen time, we had picked so many strawberries!  Some have been frozen, some have been made into jam, some....

were turned into a delicious delectable strawberry and cream cake by Teague.  And of course there are still a few left over in the fridge for picking at.  Don't you just love strawberry picking time?

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