Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh how many miles we walked

i've always loved walking in cities, getting lost often means you find new things and so we walked and walked in London.  At the beginning there was energy, towards the end of ten days we flagged a little.

we saw familiar (but new to us) sights, the changing of the guard.  We love this picture, because the guards in grey seemed to have a different height requirement to the traditional guards in red.

we saw the familiar (even to us) but it was no less spectacular for being familiar

the children queued up to be photographed with the lions

T took unusual pictures of very familiar places

and we walked (the entire length?) the Thames

seeing incredible buildings casting amazing light into the river

and yes we visited (and revisited) Liberty's, which has to be my favourite shop in London (or is my favourite Pollock's toy shop?  i'm just not sure)

the stairs in Liberty's were only one of many many sets of stairs that we climbed (and reclimbed)

and we visited Hamleys, the children were not disappointed but i was.  In their desperation to sell sell sell the magic has disappeared

for anyone wanting a little toy magic i would definitely recommend Pollock's toy shop in Covent garden and their museum on Sala street (near Goodge st. station) which also has a shop

Now the familiar is done, tomorrow i will show the curiosities and inspiration we found in the museums

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