Sunday, 25 July 2010

some lovely folksy bits and bobs

Whew!  Back from a busy, interesting, stimulating, exhausting, exciting, did i mention exhausting ten days in London.  Lots of photos (i believe we topped one thousand!  They won't all go on my blog though).  So just for today i'm going to blog about the lovely july jesters on folksy and tomorrow (hopefully?) sort through the photos and write about London.

So here is some yummy stuff from folksy

i can't help myself, i love northfield primitives, and as soon as the children stop spending my money i will shop there.   This is today's lovely offering

i love this cute little dancing robot from accidentalvix

i seem to be going with cute today with this cute little mouse pincushion from madebylolly

and a cute glass snail sun catcher from diomo glass

and there we go, a cute july jesters blog today.

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  1. Thank you for picking my little snail! I love the dancing robot!!!