Tuesday, 13 July 2010

clogs,lost comments and lavender bags

the clogs have arrived!  Strictly speaking i am not supposed to see them until my birthday but i had to try them on, just to make sure.  And they are truly wonderful.  They fit like a glove but no pics of that because i have to wait until next week!
i'm afraid blogger is playing games with my comments, i tried to publish your lovely comments poppyart and Sam and it just took them away, it might bring them back but just so you know i didn't delete them!

i have been making lavender bags recently and when i went to sort through our bedlinen i noticed how damp it gets (we live in a very damp house) and that we have no lavender bags at all.  So i sat down to make some

using odds and ends of fabric.  but before i knew it i had little sewing helpers

speedy annis on the sewing machine

and thoughtful teague on the hand sewing

not to mention oldest boy accompanying us on the piano.

Now before you are overwhelmed by the perfection of our household i should say that all i could think was 'is this really our house?  No arguing, no shouting, no computers, no dvd's!  i must preserve this evening on my blog, just to remind myself it really did happen.  Even if the photos are a little dingy!


  1. Lol! Family harmony - you have the evidence :-)

    And the (gorgeous fabric) lavender bags made me laugh - so typical. I made a crochet bag for my Mum nearly two years ago, and I still haven't made one for myself!

  2. that's the thing with crafting! I don't have any of the things I've made to sell unless they went wrong, then I keep them!

  3. You are going to LOVE those clogs!! I am jealous!

  4. Oh those clogs!!! they are fantastic! Love the lavender bags and I am so glad you sorted your embroidery pen out - I have banned myself from Irons all together!


  5. I can only add to everyone else's comments - LOVE the clogs!! I swear by clogs myself, I have a pair of Toffeln (Swedish) clogs, and they're SO relaxing to wear...these are my second pair - I wore the first pair to death, and I'm going to do the same with this pair, I know it!

    Very cool the family getting together with the crafting (and musical accompaniment!)!

  6. the toffeln clogs do look really good too, i don't think i came across them in my search. i am looking forward to wearing my clogs!