Wednesday, 14 July 2010

we're going on a trip

we are all rather excited, because tomorrow we are doing a house swap for ten days

we are leaving the seaside behind us (rather topsy turvy for the time of year, i know)

i am particularly excited about this...

and this...

and absolutely this which we will hopefully be visiting on my birthday!!!

and so I will be back after our adventure


  1. Ooh, have fun :-) House swap sounds very interesting. Do let us know how it went on.

    I used to live in south London, near the river - I don't miss the traffic, (or the heat in the summer!) but I really miss the museums and galleries.

  2. House swap has meant an awful lot of tidying (hiding away) clutter! I'm really looking forward to the museum's and galleries, we miss them too down here but I'd miss beaches more I think if we lived in London