Thursday, 31 March 2011

a little bit of cooking

things have been very hectic here lately so we've slowed up in the evenings to do a bit of cooking.
not from this book but from the tv programme on 4od

I really want all the children to be able to cook for themselves by the time they leave home and these meals are even uncomplicated enough (but interesting enough) for my seventeen year old so I'm going to buy him the book for the next time he's home alone (he can cook meat to his heart's content then!)

we cooked this. 

I should point out that this is a picture of Jamie's pie not ours as ours was eaten too quickly for us to photograph it
It was utterly delicious, the best recipe we've tried (we had to use puff pastry as we had no filo, so not authentic but delish anyway)

and today classic school cookery, rock buns, I don't think I've eaten these since I was school age!  We used the recipe from this book which I love despite all the meat recipes.  She just has some great ideas for people like me who are never organized!

We're away celebrating J's sister's 40th this weekend so we will have to wait until next week to make Jamie's mushroom risotto!  Yum!!


  1. How are you finding the timings of the recipes? I've seen a lot of criticism for the book because people say they can't be achieved in 30 minutes.

  2. We have bought this book, and yes it does take slightly longer than 30 minutes the first time you cook it, but after a while, once you get used to the menus you can do them in 30. And the recipes are delish - I love this cookbook :) Just found your blog and I love it - following you now, please come and see me sometime - hope you follow me back :)
    A xxx