Thursday, 3 March 2011

Falling like dominoes

that's what is happening to the peeps in our house at the moment

first one then the next then it all seems to start again.  So much coughing!!
We're all stuck in the house on sunny days driving each other mad
So I took a trip around the house 

Annis's disturbing and yet sooo cool gallery.  I wish I could paint like this I just love them

a post card from friends we miss living far away from us

Teague's strange little stage with a solitary actor

a gorgeous cake plate my nanna has given me because she doesn't really bake anymore, which is sad because my nanna's baking is part of my childhood

a lovely sandwich plate from J's mum because she had too much pottery

two pretty fairtrade glass bowls that Annis and I bought before christmas to make the table look prettier

and three men in a boat, reminding me that summer is on it's way and we won't be ill forever, even if it feels a bit like that right now. 

And now soup making is called for


  1. Wow! - Loving Annis's pictures :)

  2. ...oh and meant to say hope you all feel better soon too! but got distracted by the pictures!