Thursday, 10 March 2011

sporty days

I have never been a very sporty type, I enjoy swimming but am not too much into running around but my whole family seem to love running around.  In fact when they can't run around they do get a little stir crazy and bickery.

so, a little bit of sun over Marazion beach and

french cricket, which I think is a vicious game but the children love (perhaps because it's vicious).
I escaped lightly with a bat bashed finger but I have to admit we did have a lot of fun and we really needed a bit of outdoors, it was definitely tooooo cold to stand around.

and my inventive sport obsessed children have created a sort of table tennis court behind the sofa.  Are those library books?!!  So I am going to have to learn to love sport!  Or sit and knit on the beach once the weather's warm enough.

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