Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Perfect stitching, but not mine

I am slightly astounded by the perfection of this stitching.  Not least because it's my 'I don't like hand sewing' daughter's perfect stitching.

when Annis asked me if she could make a purse for her auntie's 40th and I suggested she find a pattern to embroider onto it she said she'd changed her mind because dad was taking some metal poles apart with an allen key and she'd rather do that

Not to be defeated I brought out the exciting iron on transfers (it feels like magic!) and she came back (after playing with metal poles for quite a while) and chose a pattern that's definitely too big for a purse and proceeded to stitch far more perfectly than I ever do!

I know this bird will look beautiful when she finishes it but I don't know what we will make it into for her auntie.  Oh to be able to move from metal work to perfect stitching!  Oh to be ten years old again!!


  1. Wow! That stitching is sooooooo neat. What a talented girl you have. Fab pattern too

  2. She's done an excellent work! These must be the genes :)

  3. thankyou ;o) My stitching is not nearly so neat!!