Monday, 14 March 2011

flowers without gardens

Because we don't have a garden, more of a yard with lots of steps, we have to use our town parks for garden stuff.  The kids and Jason do grow food with some friends on a plot of land, but this time we wanted flowers

so this is Morrab gardens, full of beautiful flowering magnolia trees at the moment

and of course daffodils, we sketched and sketched, there are so many beautiful flowers there.

we photographed too

We feel lucky to have such a beautiful garden a five minute walk away

we did have some crocuses in a pot in our yard but they died so quickly

and I just love magnolia trees when they're flowering.  It feels like summer is on its way...


  1. I feel a little silly but I didn't know you had this other blog so I've only just started following it...better late than never I guess:)
    I too love magnolia trees, we have one nearby and I always feel lifted when I see it's blossoming buds.Looking forward to following your escapades here too,Cassandra xx

  2. It's not you it's me! I'm all over the place with my names!! Thankyou for following We will have to get busy with the camera

    Kate x