Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday walks

a bit of a longer break than I had intended, but life just takes over sometimes! 
Now the weather is more beautiful we have decided to do some proper walks.   We used to do these a lot when the children were smaller and we lived out of town but in recent years not so many so we have decided to revisit some of the beautiful places in West Penwith and do some lovely long walks with picnics.  We won't necessarily walk on Wednesdays but I think we'll post the walk on a Wednesday (it's the w w thing!) So without further ado here is walk number one, a walk from the merry maiden standing stones down to Lamorna cove along the coast to St Loy woods and back up through fields to the merry maidens, we think it's about six miles so not too far for someone who's been sitting sewing and drawing all winter!

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