Sunday, 31 October 2010

a very windy day

We took a walk on the prom yesterday, it was so windy!!  But we saw the starlings coming in to roost around the church tower, a truly amazing sight, the whole group swooping and curving round gathering more and more birds as they go.  Teague managed to capture a little bit of it on video.  But if you have starlings near you it's really worth going to watch them roost.

On the way back we took the sheltered route to avoid the wind and popped into Penlee Memorial Garden, one of our favourite places for flowers.  We're thinking of going back in the week, on a less wild day, to do some drawing.  But this time Teague took some lovely photos of what's blooming at the moment

we have no idea what this tree is, the fruit are actually quite small, smaller than apricots so if anyone knows...


  1. they're more apple like, firmer, than plums. I should have found the gardener, asked him and turned this into a competition!

  2. Lovely photographs. I have a feeling the little yellow fruit are crab apples - I think they can be very yellow, and they are the right size.

  3. I think you're right, I've never seen yellow ones before!

    Kate x