Tuesday, 26 October 2010

a trip to the lizard and a new embroidery pattern

We took a wintry trip to Kynance cove on the Lizard last week because I have only been once at high tide (there is no beach at all at high tide, so a pointless trip really!).  Of course we packed our camera for this gorgeousness but did we check the batteries?  Of course not.  So these strange photos were taken on Jason's phone.  The light is very strange in them, it was actually a bright sunny day but I think I like these photos more, they make me think of  memories fading.

that hat is not mine!  But my ears were cold.

this is the walk over to Lizard Point (which for some reason was never photographed).  The ponies are sort of wild ponies brought in over the winter to graze.  This is to encourage the choughs that have been reintroduced here, and judging by how many choughs we saw it's working well.  I do love choughs.

It really is a very beautiful walk, one we will be doing again.

And I have also managed (being a superwoman and all that!) to finish a pattern and list it in my folksy and etsy shops.  Considering my unpredictable laptop and an essay to write and hand in (my first in two years) I think I'm quite on top of things!

Anyway the pattern consists of cute little boy and girl rabbits with umbrella, kite and balloon.  It can be found here and here


  1. Looks like a very nice walk, and I was going to say - nice hat!
    Love the rabbit pattern, and the Mary Jane - did you notice it was featured on feeling stitchy

    Sam x

  2. thankyou Sam I hadn't looked at feeling stitchy. That's so cool. It is a nice hat really, just not mine

    Kate x