Sunday, 17 October 2010


It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday but, instead of the beach we crossed the peninsula to have a saunter around Botallack.  This is my favourite stretch of coast, it's so dramatic and I love the remnants of industry.  I think they remind me that nature always takes over again in the end.

these are old mine workings

this is the arsenic labrynth where arsenic was collected (from roasting the tin), apparently Victorian women used to eat it and rub it into their faces and arms to make their skin look paler so they didn't look as though they worked in the fields!  But it seems to have had a myriad of uses, including fly papers and eczema medecine.  The poor man who had to collect the arsenic would (ironically) cover his face and arms with clay to protect them and stuff cotton wool up his nose. 

These are the engine houses and there is the most stunning sheltered spot down there to enjoy the sun and watch birds.  Yesterday we saw a peregrine falcon (we don't see too many of those), two choughs (which I love) and a raven.

I wish I knew more about mushrooms or, at least in this case, toadstools.  I could guess that these examples might be poisonous!

and relaxing in the sun enjoying the beauty of it all.

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