Tuesday, 19 October 2010

more autumn

just when I think it's time to cosy up and start the bookish learning the sun comes out.  After years of living in Cornwall I have learned that if it's dry we must leave the house because there are no guarantees that it won't start raining tomorrow (and not stop until next spring!)
So off to Trevaylor woods today

Teague and Annis love the woods and could happily spend all day there.  They take penknives, camera and sketchbooks (we rarely actually take the sketchbooks out but we could!) and everything else they need is in the woods

today such strange mushrooms, again we're assuming they're not edible.

and leaves to swish our feet through

and a stream for pooh sticks (which I never win)

and I'm messing with my template, can't seem to make up my mind but it's fun so maybe a new one every day?!


  1. Wow - pretty mushrooms :) (probably porcelain mushrooms I think?)

  2. It looks lovely, all that's in the woods near me is empty beercans and porn. :(

  3. I think you're right about the porcelain mushrooms, we really need a good guide. I have to say that sadly there are often vodka bottles and plenty of other rubbish in one area of the woods, usually after the weekend

    Kate x

  4. What mysterious mushrooms...