Tuesday, 5 October 2010


My books were getting further and further from my eyes, my embroidery was making my eyes sore so I had to give in!  I had my eyes tested.  I still actually thought they would tell me I didn't need glasses yet, even though I couldn't actually hold the book any further away... clearly they told me I did need glasses.

A helped me choose them, while she laughed her socks off!  I'm pretty sure most of the ones she asked me to try on were for her own entertainment but we found some lovely purple ones that didn't make me look too pale or too yellow

I do still have to read and sew in secret on my own because every time I look up from a book I catch J laughing at me, he hasn't been for an eye test yet so we'll see if he's still laughing next week.  Despite the entertainment value of glasses I have to admit they are wonderful, the text in books has gone back to being the size it used to be and my eyes don't stream after ten minutes of sewing so I have accepted the inevitability of aging and am enjoying seeing properly again.


  1. Yes, being able to see whilst you embroider is always a plus point! I wear glasses too, and the best pair I ever found were inadvertantly chosen from the kids section - I have a teeny-tiny head, obviously ;-)

    Sam x

  2. I really wanted the glasses my ten year old niece wears but they looked so awful on me!

  3. they look great.I had to get glasses a few years back & really like them now.

  4. thanks Jay, I love the fact I can see throught them!