Sunday, 7 February 2010

trials and tribulations

Sewing clothes isn't something I do very often, the odd simple skirt and that's about it so this dress was a bit of an adventure.

I started this dress from a german pattern (translated into english) just before christmas, it started out easily and then, when it came to the back fastening, became so faffy that I forgot it until today.
It really is a lovely pattern but I made it in a very light cotton (a cheap one, as a trial run) so I couldn't really put a zip in the back and used press studs instead. But the main problem was that even though A is a skinny bean it was a little tight across the chest and shoulders, so next time I will add more seam allowance.
A is happy with it, as you can tell from the photo, and I think our next version will be a lot better. My mum has ordered the book by the same people, 'clothes children will love' so I think there will be a lot more clothes sewing going on.

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