Friday, 12 February 2010

Sewing and more sewing

I did indeed make a phone holder using the same fabrics as the purse and I am really happy with the way it turned out
I especially like the foldover at the top, the fabric is 'wild thyme' from Fabric Rehab (an online shop I love) and I am totally obsessed with this blue and linen together at the moment, perhaps it's willing the spring on.
After this, I took out my Poppy Treffry book to do some easter sewing for T (who does like boiled eggs)
and made this...
a lovely egg cosy. The instructions were great and it turned out perfectly, I really love this book. I'm sure that once we have a set of these we will eat a lot more boiled eggs and our breakfast table will look a lot more sophisticated than it normally does. A is still trying to find a reason to have an egg cosy when you don't like eggs, cashew nuts is her latest idea although I'm not sure how that works. Any ideas on other uses for egg cosies are most welcome.

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