Saturday, 13 February 2010

a row of girls

I need to do something with these, I found them at the bottom of my basket of unfinished things (a very large basket!) they have been hanging around with no real purpose but now I think I might try a little patchwork around the edges, mini quilts perhaps?
I love drawing and sewing figures but always feel at a bit of a loss once they're done. I do love things to have a practical use so they have a tendency to end up on bags but I think perhaps a change is due. I shall update on these as I work on them.


  1. we make lots of embroidered pictures and pop them in a frame...but i think these little ladies will make a wonderful quilt

  2. thankyou, I did try them in mounts but I think they need a bit more pattern

  3. they would be so at home in a little quilt, i think. they are quite the lovely girls. :)
    p.s. i found your blog through ulla's, and i am so happy that i did!!

  4. thankyou Cathy for your lovely comment, I have had a look at your lovely blog too.