Wednesday, 17 February 2010

pictures,sewing, mistakes and a change

I think T has been around the house with a camera, it's rare that our yard looks lovely but the sun was out and the windows are condensated...
and he photographed my valentine's day chocolates (J got Astral Weeks Van Morrison, unusually romantic for us!)
I tried my patchwork idea with one of the girls and I'm not very keen, a bit too twee. I haven't photographed it as it's not entirely finished but they may end up on bags after all! I did a bit of sewing using some spring colours, pinks and greens. But I also reduced the prices on some of my purses at folksy and put free postage on everything (it feels less complicated). I want to clear away the winter stuff because I have a new character that I want to embroider...
I rather like her and I hope you do too. I like the idea of embroidering her and using fabrics for her dress and hat. I'm quite excited about starting the sewing and seeing how she'll turn out.

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