Monday, 7 September 2009

Thinking about September

After a long summer on the beaches
splashing in water
the time has come to think about the autumn. The weather is getting cooler and cloudier and oldest son is soon to make his first foray into the world of formal education. This time of year always starts me thinking about the kind of learning we want to do at home, because there will be more time at home now. This year feels different, oldest is more academic he has always aimed for college but now my focus changes towards the younger two who have different needs.
Middle boy is not interested in being particularly academic at the moment, at twelve he hates writing anything more than a word, he likes activity and nature, which is great on the days we can get outside but more difficult on the days we are absolutely stuck inside. But right now he has a new interest - art. This is filling his indoor time in the most wonderful way. He and his sister are making exquisite corpse after exquisite corpse (a game where one person draws the head then covers it up then the next draws the body and so on until a bizarre creature is born). He wants to print, paint, sew and generally make things.
The best thing about this is Little sister is equally keen on all these things and is happy to read books to herself as well. This means I can draw, sew and print alongside my children and they can see ways of earning a living that don't create huge compromises in our family life.
I have been reading recently and I identified completely when she said that rather than seeing herself as a home educator she saw herself as a member of a home educating family. I think that is the way it should be.

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