Friday, 18 September 2009

Hearts and sewing and quilts

this little bit of terribly photographed graffiti is just amazing. J decided to use his spare time usefully by redecorating our space inbetween (a sort of room between the living room and the kitchen/yard that feels a bit like a thoroughfare but could be a useful art room for us all!) He stripped the wallpaper and discovered this graffiti from '93. At first we just thought aah how sweet I wonder where they are now but then we noticed the date. The couple who lived here were getting married the very day that my oldest son was born. How amazing, I just love those little or big connections that remind us how close we all are even though we don't know it. C. felt so special that it was his birthday.
Sadly we don't know who the people were but there's still something lovely about it, so it's been photographed (and now blogged about).

I have finished some sewing, a quilt for little A. She's excited, I'm excited what can I say? I can't believe I've made a quilt. Now middle T wants one he has chosen all blue fabrics and I cannot convince him to have another colour in there!

But I do love this quilt, it's the lap quilt from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules, which is a book I love. Clear and simple and happy results.

Oh and I have started embroidering from my sketch but I'm not sure what I'll do with the end result, we'll have to see.

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