Friday, 11 September 2009

Quiet times

Today all is quiet, Oldest boy set off to college for his first real day in the early hours. Two youngers have been taken off to play tennis and choose books in the library. So I have time to myself, don't get me wrong, the washing still needs doing and the chickpeas need cooking, but these things can be done inbetween others. I am turning this drawing that I did a couple of weeks ago...
into an embroidery that I think will become part of a pyjama case. Middle son has asked for a pyjama case (He wants vehicles on his) and I rather like the idea of a place to put pyjamas and the bedtime book so bedtime runs more smoothly. I don't think this embroidery will end up on his pyjama case, in fact I think he has chosen some retro tractor fabric for his. But this is slightly dreamy and I do think a pyjama case is the place for it.

I am starting to enjoy using a sketch book, I like sticking things in (memories of scrapbooks in childhood) and I like doodling with pencil crayons.

And the images do help with decisions about what to make next.

This is my favourite, a mix, some copied, and part of a picture of frida Kahlo that blew onto the book while I was working and became incorporated. It also influenced the patterned borders. Now, I think I will return to my quiet sewing while I still have a little time left before all return for leftover lasagne for lunch. I don't even need to cook lunch today!

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