Monday, 7 February 2011

New Books

Today our new books arrived from amazon. 

I had seen these books several times over the last year on Angry chicken.  She uses them as starters for enviable home ed projects.  So, in need of a kick start, we ordered four of them last week.  They are suited to younger children, my ten year old is happily reading them.  There is a lot of information in them and they do make a good starting point for a project.  We just ordered the non fiction books, we didn't bother with the story books as they seemed a bit too young.

I let Annis choose three of them, she has a fascination for ancient cultures, especially the Egyptians, so we went for Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.  I also ordered Leonardo da Vinci for my son who doesnt' like to read, the language is quite young but the information is interesting.  Some good comparisons of Leonardo's inventions with modern equivalents.  I'll post more as we work through them and create our projects.

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  1. I'll be interested to see what you think of them. I'd heard of them because we read a few of the storybooks when Buzz was younger - never tried the non-fiction.
    The Angry Chicken link looks fun - I didn't realise she was a home educator too! All the best people...;-)