Thursday, 10 February 2011

books and books and more books

Reading is just about all that's happening in our house at the moment.  The weather has turned grey and cold so all we want to do is snuggle up and read

I should be writing an essay on Orlando but instead got caught up in Hermione Lee's biography of her

This is our book club book.  The children voted to have book club once a fortnight so I tend to read the book to them, otherwise we would have to get two copies.  And I am enjoying this one.

Annis is reading the time wreccas which she has just started and says 'it's funny and I like the names of the characters, snot and scratch and killjoy'.  Ours is a library copy, for some reason the copies I found on the internet are hugely expensive but maybe it's awaiting a print run.

Teague who cannot be photographed is reading Clive Cussler The Chase which is an adult's detective story set in 1906.  He really likes the historical aspect of it and finds it exciting. 

Did I miss two days?  So early in February?  Hmmm I think so.


  1. Love your blog, and your stuff! Thanks for putting in the ring xx

  2. thankyou and the ring is beautiful