Monday, 7 February 2011

A day late!

but with good reason, the poorly blanket has had to come out

this scruffy merino and blue faced leicester slightly felted, well worn, well loved blanket is a sample of my distant spinning.  I have friends who can spin a kilo of aran weight to make a jumper, I only make blankets or throws because there is no consistency to my spinning.  It has a home made quality to it!

a (bad) picture of my lovely, and very old, ashford wheel, as proof of my spinning past.  In fact I even belong to a spinning group, we don't actually spin anymore, we knit instead and I sometimes embroider but we still call it our spinning group so ssshhhh don't tell anyone we're not spinning!

but back to the blanket and my missed post yesterday, there is a little child under the blanket who was feeling very sorry for herself and distracted me away from the computer yesterday.  She is still feeling sorry for herself this morning and has got out of bed to lie back down on the sofa under the poorly blanket.  After all, how would I know she was poorly if she wasn't under the poorly blanket?


  1. Get well soon to your little one. At least she has a lovely poorly blanket to help - it looks so cosy.
    Spinning is on my list of things to try - your spinning machine looks beautiful :-)

  2. thankyou for your well wishes, she's perked up now. Spinning is definitely fun, after a while!

    Kate x