Monday, 21 February 2011

"but you can't put a bookmark in it" or "my american sister"

My American sister (I only call her that to annoy her) is a kindle pusher and this week she had a success because she convinced my (not the most technical person in the world) mum to buy one.  We have been arguing the pros and cons for a while now.

cons (as I see them)
I like books
I buy second hand books which are cheaper than kindle books
I use the library which is free

it has an amazing screen that is a dream to read and therefore I don't need my (extremely annoying) reading glasses
did I say pros plural, I meant pro because that's the only one there is.
My American sister says she still buys books and proved it by buying about thirty from a library sale recently so in her opinion books and kindle are not mutually exclusive

but now I think I have her

Bookmarks!  You can't use a bookmark in a kindle, in fact it would be pointless

and just look at this beautiful bookmark that I bought from carol's crafts.  There's no question it would scratch your kindle but it looks beautiful in my book.  I already know what her answer will be... You can still buy books.

I have added punctuation to my title because my lovely partner insists it doesn't make sense.  All I can say is it makes sense inside my head!


  1. As your "American Sister" I would like to let you know that all my real books have bookmarks. I do think it's about time that the Glass Mountain embroidered some beautiful ones so that I can enjoy them when I read.....

  2. Lol! Have to agree with the cons, including the lack of bookmarking need. But I do love gadgets, and the idea of being able to carry lots and lots of books at once. (It can do that?) So I admit to yearing. ;-)

    I also agree with Clare, your "American Sister" - embroidered bookmarks would be wonderful.

  3. It does hold lots of books. Clare felt I was stingy with the pros so here is her list

    Can hold up to 2500 books and weighs less than 1. Even you don't have a bag big enough for that.
    Instantly looks up any word you don't know.
    Free access to thousands of classics at the touch of a butt...on.
    No glare in sunlight.
    Promotes world peace.

    Does that balance it out Clare?