Sunday, 13 June 2010

a question of clogs

I really really want some clogs.  With summer craft fairs coming up I can see there will be a lot of standing and I am reliably informed that clogs are the way to go for comfort and I just love shoes that slip on and off easily.  These lovely red ones are from walkley clogs apparently the last remaining English clog company.

The next pair are the orangey red flowery ones made by bjorn and from here I love these but I think they might be a bit too busy for me.

These look the softest and most comfy made by Beaver and from love clogs

I am completely torn about these clogs, I'd love to buy shoes made in England but I think the beaver ones just look more comfortable.  I shall continue my search and hope to have some clog comfort soon.


  1. I don't know if this helps but for years I have been getting clogs from Holland, similar to the red ones. I think they originally came from Norway or Sweden and were imported but anyway, they looked just like it and were SO comfortable to wear! it takes a little getting used to, as you grip differently in clogs than in shoes but I loved them. So don't immediately assume that the comfy looking ones are the best. Sometimes the squishy ones are the ones that are harder to keep on.

  2. I used to have a pair of clogs when I was littler- they where thick leather topped and chunky wooden soles. I think I got them from a shop in York. They were fantastic- bit tough on the feet at first but I quickly got used to them. Pity I got older and my feet got bigger. They had a tropical sunset on them! It was good fun stomping round B&Q after Mum and Dad in them. They echoed aroung the whole store!

  3. Thankyou Rafael's mum, I've decided on some sanita Danish clogs which look sturdy, or at least I think I have! It's good to hear from someone who wears them. I love the idea of stomping around B&Q in clogs, that will have to be my first outing.