Sunday, 27 June 2010


It's no good, I'm wanting again already.  I haven't even bought my clogs yet (waiting for a trip to London so that I can try them on before buying, unusually patient and practical) but I want this book

my birthday is coming up but I couldn't wait this time, because, aside from being written by the wonderful Lewis Carroll and having the most excellent rythm it is illustrated by the most absolutely wonderful Mervyn Peake with most fantabulous cross hatching. 

 Cross hatching is something I love most dearly (see the work of Edward Gorey) and when coupled with gorgeous nonsense it makes me even happier.  I am most excited because I have managed to find a reasonable copy (it's out of print) from what seems to be a lovely lady  who has rooms full of books in her house and it is winging it's way to me as I write.  So I will sit and wait by the letterbox for three days until it arrives... 

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