Saturday, 6 March 2010

The sea is calling despite coughs and colds! It looks so blue and inviting, the sun is actually warm on our faces but the winds are just soooo cold.
A in particular is desperate to get in but this March just feels colder than usual, so the sand has to do for now. Hours disappear on the beach while T and A explore and play, dune surfing, leaping streams and photographing, and of course digging and burying each other, you're never to old to want to bury your sister in the sand.
And to urge spring on a little T and A have done a little planting of seeds, now all we have to do is remember to water them (more difficult than you'd think)
And finally high tides, we've had incredibly high tides this week, this means we've also had very low tides which are usually more interesting but when bits of town start flooding (less dramatic than it sounds) high tides are more fun.

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