Monday, 29 March 2010

sailing, flying and sewing

My blog posts have become very sporadic recently, not least because my laptop only boots up intermittently (rather annoyingly). I am something of a luddite when it comes to technology so I have a tendency to ignore my computer when it's not working properly. But we have been busy starting a new book...
I love Arthur Ransome, and fortunately so do the children. I think this could be a third reading. T has a burgeoning interest in all things that float on the sea for now it's going to be satisfied by the canoe club but I think by the end of the book I'm going to be looking into the sailing club!
Another overwhelming obsession in our house at the moment is flight. Everyone seems to have developed an interest, so we are doing something that is rare for us, a project on flight. We're starting with the myth of Icarus and Leonardo's designs that he never made and then we'll move on through all the different ways people tried to fly. We spotted this film and remembered it from childhood. I think the pure craziness of what people did in order to be able to fly appeals to all of us.
Finally there's been some cat sewing, a pin cushion and some embroidery going on. the cats have become quite addictive, I was just going to sell them on a craft fair but I might put some on folksy as well, they are fun to do. I like the idea of going three dimensional.
This is my latest little girl, the photo is a little dull and hazy but the sun just won't come out for me! I rather like her, at the moment she is an embroidery but I am working on making her three dimensional too, a new adventure in sewing for me.

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