Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A knitting update

There have been many days when I have wished that these socks finished and on my feet keeping them warm but patience is a virtue and they are slowly, line by line, here and there, coming along
I have one whole sock, and it is so warm and so soft and so cosy that I really really want two socks but I have to knit when there is time which tends to be in the inbetween moments, of which there have not been enough lately, but they will come and line by line I will finish my socks
The toe grafting on this one is a little bulky on the corners, this always seems to happen and I'm not sure how to improve it really. It's still comfortable, the toes just look a little squared off. The pattern came free with some Regia sock yarn a couple of years ago and apart from my dodgy toe grafting it works every time.

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