Thursday, 4 March 2010

linen girl

spring has arrived in our yard, we have very little space out there (mainly filled with a kayak and body boards) but we do have a few pots with crocuses in them that T has photographed beautifully (his home education at the moment seems to mainly consist of photography).
The other thing about spring is that everyone gets a bad cold, it seems to happen every year and this year is no different. As soon as it starts I have fears of us all going down with it at the same time (the description of the whole family getting ill in one of the little house on the prairie books was so convincing that it springs to mind every year) but it's been one by one this year, a conveyor belt of lemon, honey, quilts and brow mopping...
but I have done just a little sewing, this little girl with her basket. I loved doing her basket, I vaguely remembered seeing directions for sewing a basket but I couldn't remember where (as is usually the case!) so I improvised and just did the downward struts then wove the threads in between. I wanted a quite sketchy feel but I'm sure you could get quite a convincing basket if you filled it in more.
The colours are a little pale in the photos so it's hard to see her eyes but she does have some!

and this is the whole of her, so when I next have a little moment she needs a garden around her.

linen girl, originally uploaded by glassmountain.

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