Friday, 14 January 2011


I have been spending a lot of time posting things recently, (which is a good thing), so it was lovely to receive a parcel for myself today.  My partner bought me this beautiful locket for christmas (just after christmas really) when we saw the work of this wonderful artist on Etsy.  The name of her shop is LavennzOsy and I just love her whimsical illustrations, especially this one

The locket is made by Polarity and she makes lockets from other lovely illustrators too.  It is a recycled car part and has three interchangeable pictures

this one

and these two (the written one is a definition of the word cherish)

and I have been posting out my own parcel and letter (yes I did say letter, handwritten and all) to my sister in America

I had only intended to pop a quick note in but writing really is very enjoyable so she's getting a full three page letter, whether she wants it or not!!
I think I may take up letter writing and just maybe one of my relatives or friends will actually, eventually write back to me and I can get some more post

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