Monday, 31 January 2011

beach golf and a February plan

What else to do on a cold bright winter's day but play beach golf?

This may look like golf tuition but that well wrapped up adult in the picture hasn't got a clue

Requirements: one very large, very very empty beach.  We chose Mexico (because it has such a romantic name)

and icicles on the beach

and the bluest sky ever
but it was so very very very cold

a view of Godrevy lighthouse (well, just about)

more strange and wonderful rock formations

and the plan
For the month of February I will try (very hard) to put one photo on a day with just a sentence as a record of our home ed life.


  1. Lovely beach, complete with icicles, wow! We were enjoying our beach the other day, along with a fair number of other mad mortals, and it was soooo cold, but lovely to be out.

    Good luck with the plan. I'm failing to manage one photo a day on flickr so far - daily blogging is beyond me :-)

  2. I agree, it's completely mad to hit the beach when it's so cold!
    I may be overreaching myself, daily blogging and listing this month! Hmm we'll see.
    Kate x