Wednesday, 29 September 2010

that autumn crafting feeling

Annis has got the knitting bug, she has three of these dolls but apparently that's just not enough!  The difference is that this time she wants to knit it herself from one of these lovely books

Then we remembered this sad half finished monkey that she got for christmas and began two years ago.  As far as I know grandma asks her if she's finished it yet every time we visit.  So, I put my foot down and said the monkey has to be finished before we move onto purl stitch.

See the speed she's knitting that monkey in her cheery mish mash home ed tshirt which she adores!

and in the dining room (I thought it was quiet) whole armies are being created

painting warhammer (another gift from two years ago that has just sat around half finished!).  All this leaves me a little time for blogging and...

a little time for embroidery.  I love autumn!


  1. Ooh...nice t-shirt! ;o) I have been knitting little hats today for innocent smoothie bottles (some charity thing that the pottery studios we go to are taking part in) and Chi wants to learn now too :)

  2. I thought I recognised that T-shirt :) Hope monkey is finished soon!!


  3. I love autumn too - although I don't like being cold :(

    And I'm hopeless at finishing things. Opening a Folksy shop was a big shock for me, I can tell you ;-)

    Sam x

  4. It is a nice tshirt isn't it! I think knitting is a great thing for children to learn (the boys know how but won't knit anymore). I have to admit I read my post and thought hmmm I wonder why they're so bad at finishing things? I agree Sam, there's nothing like a folksy shop for making you complete things!

  5. I hope that monkey is finished soon, but I know how she feels, another project always beccons!


  6. That knit-a-monkey kit was what got me knitting again a few years ago! I was very proud of it when I finished... and I gave it to my brother for his Christmas! (Since he was the one who gave me the a joke!)

  7. It is a very cool monkey. Or it will be soon!