Tuesday, 28 September 2010

motorways and celebrations

this seems to be all we have seen for the last few weeks.  It's one of the problems with living 400 miles from the rest of our family!  Especially when they all have major celebrations in the same year.

we have passed the wicker man six times since mid August and still have another trip to go.

lots of bad indoor party photography

and the lovely old (literally after her 40th) friend that we surprised at her party.  Her scream of delight at seeing us made the whole trip worthwhile.

So one more trip to one more biggie... and this time it's a sister


  1. It's time to worry when the wicker man starts to recognise you, and wave!
    We've had 2 years of major celebrations now - I can celebrate no more!!!!


  2. We use the wicker man as a marker - half way there (just about). We go the opposite direction to you - visiting relations in Cornwall :-)

    Sam x

  3. On the last journey back I was beginning to think he was waving at us! We'll have to wave to each other as we pass Sam, while waving to the wicker man and the camels...

    Kate x