Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Ok, I've been missing again!  We have never had such a busy year for family events.  This time these two people are the culprits. 

my sister who lives in America

and my nanna

We travelled to Lincolnshire for my nanna's 90th birthday (if I could put numbers in capitals I would have done).  More importantly the whole family managed to be together, for the first time in years and years, to celebrate the occasion.  Nanna loved it and I can only hope that I am as bright and healthy as her when I get to ninety (you'll notice I didn't write 'if I get to ninety).

And Clare and I spent a lovely day at the Harrogate flower show the day after the party.  Drinking pimms in the rain (what could be more English!)

Looking at (and photographing badly) flowers

giant vegetables

tiny trees

and our favourite judges comment on the flower arranging 'good use of cabbage'.

But the partying doesn't end here, I am going back up to Lincolnshire to visit Clare again, to celebrate my oldest friend's 40th and then my other sister's 40th.  I will try to pop in again in between all the celebrating.


  1. glad your nan had a great birthday - all those pims should preserve you for a good many years to come! is my big 40 this year as well, wish your freind and sister happy birthday from me!!!


  2. Thankyou Kath, I survived my 40th three years ago, the build up is worse than the reality!

    Kate x

  3. Oh, your Nannna is gorgeous! Wish I still had mine! x